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Monkey’s guide to avoiding Wii – injury!

Wii MonkeyWe all love playing Nintendo Wii, there’s nothing more fun than beating the kids at their own game and showing off your tennis prowess and dancing skills at the same time….

….but sometimes there’s a cost associated with such displays of skill, that could hurt even more than just your pride!

The dreaded Wii injury! During Christmas 2010 reported gadget related injuries increased by 70% and speculation suggests that increased sales of Nintendo Wii consoles may have been the cause of various sprains, strains and even black eyes!

As we are currently running a competition to win a Nintendo Wii, Monkey thought it might be best to give you his full proof guide to avoiding Wii-injury!

Share and print off Monkey’s handy guide and provent injury and a damaged ego!

Join the competition on Facebook here (ends 8th July 2011 – UK only)

Avoiding Wii injury

So there you have it….Monkey’s guide to avoiding Wii – injury! May it save you some blushes and bruises!

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  1. You can’t believe that something that is supposed to keep you healthy could cause injuries and land you at hospital! Users beware!!

  2. Absolutely Brilliant. have to print out and leave it on the wall beside the Wii..


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