New Website

Welcome to the new website. We hope you like the look of it. All of the products you shop for regularly are still here, we’ve just made them a little easier to find and everything just that little easier on the eye.

Cartridge Monkey’s Top 5 Monkeys!

After a bit of a break from blogging here at Cartridge Monkey, we managed to get our monkey down from his tree to come up with a few ideas. A few hours passed, and all he could think of was a feature on how good bananas were, how to climb a tree and something about peanuts. We really weren’t getting anywhere, so when the monkey started talking about his old friends, it came to us! With all the talk of monkeys, why not bring you Cartridge Monkey’s top 5 monkeys? So without further hesitation; here they are!

Top Tips To Prepare For Moving Home

Moving is both exciting and stressful. There’s the anticipation of your new home and neighbourhood but also the management of the packing and preparing for moving day. You can reduce the stress and enhance the excitement about your new home if you follow our rules....

How to Declutter Your Home and Regain Your Life

Has this ever happened to you? You walk through your front door and trip over a pile of treasured books you meant to find a place for, and you fling your keys on the sideboard. The next morning that pile of books is still there, scattered and in your way, and you...